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Sean Wyman Art Presents:

Custom Horse Hair Raku Memorial Pieces

A simple and beautiful way to immortalize the memory of your horse.

Blue mist horse hair vase, by Sean Wyman_small.jpg

Pieces can be small medium or large, vases, plates, bowls or lidded jars, decorated with your own horse’s hair.

Finished with a matte coating of natural beeswax to protect the design.

How to get your own:

  1. Contact, Sean Wyman at sean@seanwymanart.com

  2. Select the size and type of ceramic ware to embellish with your horse’s hair. We will be happy to discuss custom options with you and create something that captures your horse’s personality and spirit.

  3. Decide on any extras you would like, such as color mists or feathers.

  4. Send your horse's hair to us. Tail and/or mane hair is used in the process. The process needs a bundle about the diameter of your thumb and 6 to 12 inches in length. Less for smaller pieces or sparse design, more for large pieces or heavy line designs. Hair can be provided in a plastic baggie or a paper envelope, labeled with your name and your horse’s name.

Please note, lines will show up black on the finished piece regardless of hair color. The hair is being burnt and the clay stone is capturing the carbon and the essence on the hair. Thick hair will create darker fatter lines, where thin hair creates finer lines.

  1. When the product is finished we will send you photos for approval, and the piece will be available for payment and pick up.

  2. If you would like a piece of horse hair raku art, but do not have horse hair to provide, we can help!

This process can be preformed with Horse hair, Human hair, and Bird feathers. Memorials for cancer victims and the terminally ill have been made in the same process. Please contact the artist with any questions you might have, or ideas you would like to try. Thank you