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    Studying photography for 14 years has provided a flat, two dimensional experience in the world of art. For the past three years, a dedication to the exploration of three dimensional art has become melded with that 2D view. What is the eye drawn to and why, how is visual movement used to influence a viewers gaze. Hundreds of other questions can be asked about how the human mind and body react to art. 
    Delving into the world of ceramic art, the functional form has been combined with visual beauty, emotional integrity, and tactile pleasures. Taking the past and combining it with the present to create the future is the goal. Through the process comes creation, and thanks to the growth of technology there are more processes now than ever before.
    Sculpture has stepped in as the new drawing force over the past few months. With all the options available within it and all the new processes that have never before been tested in conjunction with one another, who knows what can be attained. The future of creation could be coming shortly in a sculptural form.