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Process Driven AS


College capstone project,

Through the creation of art one attempts a process to create the embodiment of their imagination. Within individual processes an artist can create hundreds of thousands of attempts before the idea breaks through. Being driven by the process is about taking the parts and combining them in a way that encompasses the directions and imagination of a persons art. This is a display of that process in an accentuated step by step manner.

Potters look at the forms of this work and wonder why it was ever finished. When something becomes unmanageable in clay you are supposed to scrap it, re-wedge it and start over. This process of messing up becomes captured in the moment as best one can with clay. Some are still standing solid while others have fallen to the forces of gravity, this is all scrap in a production potters mind, but it becomes art in a sculptors mind. Through the finishing of the pieces a unity is brought forth that captures the essence of pottery, the side of the studio the artist keeps hidden.

These creations happened because the clay said so. Through my process and the narrative created between my fingers and the clay comes this new art. It is organic and natural with a tinge of modern Pollock thrown in for some American culture and to accentuate the spontaneity. What inspires us comes out in the process, and in this case the process drives the art.