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October 20th 2012
    Ask yourself this, what do you get out of looking at a piece of art? That question has been asked repeatedly of anything coined fine art. What does the art presented make you think about, what type of emotions does it create within you. Why are you photographing that scene? If only we could ask the Facebook generation what they were when they took that picture, if only they could remember. 
    The connections between the current American diet and the governments subsidizing of corn is a hot topic issue to present in art. Documenting the expanse and growth of "The New West" is another. Presenting you the viewer with not only beautiful art, but something with an integral connection to our culture is the goal. What is art if not something deeper, stronger, more widely connected then just a single element of beauty. 
    Please understand I have no wish to push views onto anyone who is unwilling to accept them. I only wish to present my interpretations of beauty and culture. Every issue has many sides and it is up to each of us as individuals to explore all there is to know before coming to a conclusion, just please don't be close minded. Even if you think you are in the right.  

June 21st 2012
    I create art because beauty moves me. When I can have an emotional experience purely from viewing something, I consider that beautiful and usually, in turn art. Judging by what others would say, I can be considered unique in my methods of thinking, and viewing. Allowing me to create art that can both carry function with form. 
    The drive that keeps me going revolves around a personal desire to see more beauty and also become a creator of it. I will continue experimenting with techniques, combining the old with the new. Till the next culmination of art arises and I have to sell more art off in the fight for survival. 
      Being real with ones self is the true path to happiness and can only be accomplished through hard work and perseverance. I continue on my adventure through this reality constantly working and learning, never giving up and always looking forward. Here's to the kid in the corner who questioned everything, you have become an artist...

May 20th 2012

     For the last 10 years, Sean Wyman has not cared about what art thinks. He drinks art for breakfast, sleeps art every night, he breaths art daily in the pursuit of his creations. The art creates itself through the repetition and manipulation of the process. He is not an artist as much as a process driven engineer, exploring what is possible and how it makes people feel. Through searching within the forests or walking down the streets, patterns emerge around us and his vision explores the individual elements presented.

    Being introduced to ceramics has brought forth a desire to express patterns and textures in a three dimensional, sculptural form. Having worked with turning three dimensional scenes into flat landscapes through photography, he turned his attention to creating them out of clay. The process of putting together organic or man-made patterns into fresh forms can be tedious and time consuming. When the repetitive becomes mundane it is up to his vision to expand the view and create something new and visually pleasing. Either two dimensionally or three, the structure always implies some form that is repeatable. Through the engineering of repetition, blossoms beautiful art.

    As he forges ahead with sculpture, photography, ceramics, wood working and many more mixed-medias, these elements will continue to become transformed into visual expressions. The perpetual exploration of new ideas will become adapted into the process, creating uniquely new forms. This desire to cultivate new and different creations and ideas that can last through time should be within every artist, and so it becomes his drive.

May 6th 2012
    I create art because I am told to. What is telling me to? I do not know. What tells people to worship figures in books, or commit genocide and call it ethnic cleansing. Whatever tells us how to be good or evil is what tells me if my art is worthy. Through these eyes life is beautiful. Beauty is a subjective word and has been debated over for thousands of years. Even now differing views can battle for what is considered beautiful. Is art only beauty? No, but it is up to the artist to find a way of presenting the subject in a new light; The way of showing off ugly that makes people think it's just as powerful as beautiful art.
    Everyone struggles with finding the right way to showcase their art. Throw it out and let the viewer decide, or carefully present individual elements at specific times to elicit the greatest emotional effect. Whatever method is chosen, the end result is having people experience art. Being introduced to ceramics has brought forth a desire to express patterns and textures in a three dimensional, sculptural form. Having worked with turning three dimensional scenes into flat landscapes through photography, I transformed into creating tangible three dimensional forms with clay. Working with the form has given me the ability to explore countless ways of showcasing art.
    Forging ahead with sculpture, photography, ceramics, wood working and mixed-media these elements will continue to become transformed into unique visual expressions. The perpetual exploration of new elements will continue to move ahead, and become adapted into older processes, creating completely original forms. The desire to create new and unexplored ideas that have the ability to last through time should be every artist’s main desire, and so I make it mine.

November 29th 2011
    Sean Wyman was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. The atmosphere in that town has left a strong imprint about how nature can work with the society. Portland is one of the greenest cities in America and the movement is based in the direction of sustainable living. The majority of his work has a folk inspired feeling with natural colors, and a small town feel. The country enters into the city to create a hipster/redneck, hip- neck feel. The combination of natural elements in a geometrical, man-made form gives the viewer insight into the mind of the artist.
    Black is a predominant color from the city, representing night time and the absence of light. Green is from the country provided by the lush fields and forest in the Willamette Valley. With a background in fine art black and white photography, all his work has a “moment captured in time” feeling. The use of light and dark is similar to how a scene is captured through a camera, drawing the picture with light, no matter what medium is used. The light is life and the dark is the absence or covering of life.
    With the planet in mind he creates broad reaching work that informs and educates the viewer to the points that are most important in his life. Sustainability, green living, recycling, reusing, caring for others around, and a communal living style that can create happiness and provide a productive environment is paramount.

    Written to be displayed with "Paintings" collection.
                        Humans vs. Nature

    Sean Wyman has a mystical approach to displaying nature, using a man-made pattern compared to a grown pattern. He uses recycled materials that are prevalent in society, and they create an under-pattern for the pieces. The idea of a fence covering a camo pattern provides a trapping effect and binds the piece, where the random assortment of waxed leafs provides a stylized assessment of nature.

    With the juxtaposition between the pieces speaking to the differences between humans and nature; the encroachment of the human pattern dominating a whole pizza box is contrasted by the light application of waxed leafs over an unpainted pizza box lid. The natural leafs should be overlapping to create a natural feel, but showing each leaf off individually provides a stylized adaptation to the patterns that can come from nature.

    There is no area of emphasis within these pieces, causing a struggle for the eye. With no dominant figure or shape, the viewer could get lost or easily overlook the intricacies present. More of a focal point would strengthen the message of humans vs. nature. The pieces present the differences but are lacking an explanation as to why they are being presented, or what can be done.

November 16th 2011

    Written to be displayed with "Red White and Blue" collection.

    This selection of work embodies the desires of countless Americans all wishing for the same thing in life. The desire to create something beautiful and attain the ability to recreate it in a way that will sustain their lives. Basically the American Dream. Doing what you love and being able to make a life from it. In too many cases these days, families are being forced to make sacrifices that compromise their standard of living.

    Maybe we have set the bar too high for ourselves, or maybe it was set that way for a reason, but either way it does not make it right to let go of the human rule “do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Multinational Banks, Wall-Street, the Federal Reserve, and especially the big lobbyist groups run by donations from large corporations are destroying the moral fiber of this country. What are we doing with the American Dream, but turning it into the American Nightmare. What are the people living this nightmare doing about it? Exactly what the corporations want them to do, nothing. 

    Not saying any thing about what is wrong, not standing up for themselves, just rolling over and accepting what is given to them because they are told to. Who is running the corporations that are willing to throw out human decency just to make more profit. Some rules need to change, old laws removed, out dated ideas tossed out. But the basic freedoms fought for by my grandfather should still be upheld. We should not silence less popular voices just to make life easier. This is not a police state we are living in, this is AMERICA! It is whatever we create of it, and can only be as good as we wish to make it.

    The design of these vases represents the ebb and flow of the country and natural curves of the land. It showcases colors chosen to represent this country we reside in, and display proudly in our flag. The movement of this work is tied in with the American flag and its movement through fluid in the dynamic ways it chooses for itself. The air around us works as any fluid would within the science of fluid dynamics. Each piece was created with an idea of concept and a desired result, but from there the clay chose to accentuate itself  in its own unique directions. Using my hands to help shape and smooth it along the way, it creates a journey through what is possible and what is not. Some times the boundaries do not need to be pushed all the way to create something visually pleasing, in this case the clay spoke and I listened.

    This artwork has no direct relationship to the events going on in this country right now besides being made by an American in America. But if it can cause even one person to open up and think, “Wow what I am doing could hurt others.” Then it has accomplished something far greater than if nothing was said or done at all. In conclusion I leave you with the words of the the Buddha,

    "Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. "